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Today marks the launch of AppNeta.

Born of the best of the technology and team of Apparent Networks, AppNeta has a bold vision to bring the benefits of cloud-computing to the world of performance management. The transformation to AppNeta started in concept nearly two years ago, gained its first traction with the launch of PathView Cloud just over a year ago, and becomes official today with our first 1,000 customers under management and the official launch.
Apparent Networks has long been known for having compelling technology in the area of Network Performance Management, although compelling is probably an understatement.  Our core “Path” technology has been used by some of the worlds largest enterprise and IT Outsourcing accounts for years.  It has been judged by some of the most demanding customers in the world as the gold-standard for distributed network performance management (NPM).

Compelling?…YES.  Easy to deploy?  Affordable?  These were seldom the words that were used to describe the legacy solutions delivered by Apparent.  For customers who really needed our solution, there was no alternative.  Our patented Path technology remains the leading solution available in the market today.  But there were many (many!) customers who could see the value, but for whom the bar was set too high in terms of cost of acquisition and ownership.  All of that has changed with AppNeta.

Our mission at AppNeta is to deliver instant-value to network leaders by providing the insight they need to guarantee the reliable delivery of networked applications such as VoIP, Video, Cloud Services and Virtualization.


A cloud-based service that is enabled by a zero administration microAppliance.  Just plug it in and gain unparalleled insight in support of your networked applications.  AppNeta’s solutions are simple to deploy and manage.  No software to download, no hardware to acquire, provision or manage.  Just plug in your microAppliance (included free with your annual SaaS contract) and get immediate network performance insight through the cloud, WAN or VPN.  Application performance insight from the perspective of your remote sites?  Absolutely.  All part of an affordable annual service contract.

What’s in a name?  In this case, the future of performance management.

AppNeta.  Instant-value in Network Performance Management.

Check it out at


Sound familiar? I know this is a question many of you ask yourself regularly, if not daily.

There aren’t too many people that would debate the value provided by understanding flow data: the ability to get deep and near real-time insight into the applications and users that are consuming resources on your network.  Flow analysis has been built into a wide array of network analysis tools so you have more options than ever before to understand your network usage. Additionally, flow tools no longer slow down the performance of routers and firewalls because high end and mid-range hardware is powerful enough to avoid the impact on these devices.

But, until now, getting Flow visibility to and from remote sites has been too expensive and cumbersome. Despite the evident value of understanding flow data, I see some major needs in getting this insight into remote offices in a way that is:

  • Easy – Admins don’t want to manage and maintain another server or software sensors at the remote site.
  • Inexpensive – it needs to be affordable enough to rollout to each office without breaking the bank.
  • Universally available – it needs to work at each office, regardless of which network gear is installed there.

There are solutions that may hit one or two of these, but until now all three have been elusive.  Today, Apparent Networks is officially integrating FlowView into the PathView Cloud service and brings all three benefits to network managers in a simple, cloud based package.

PathView Cloud has been built from the ground up to give you real time performance visibility to and from remote offices. With a cloud-based service enabled by zero-administration microAppliances, remote site organizations are finally able to get true end-to-end performance visibility. BUT, the first thing we hear out of peoples’ mouths is:

With PathView Cloud and the new FlowView module, organizations have an inexpensive option that not only gives them real time performance to and from all remote offices, it can drill down from those reports and view the users and applications in use at those remote offices.

FlowView is unique from most Flow Analysis systems in that it does not take flow feeds from existing network devices. Instead it creates its own flow records. A Gigabit Ethernet switch-tap is included free with the service which runs at line speed and sends a copy of all network traffic to the PathView Cloud microAppliance. We then analyze that traffic and generate Flow records that are securely sent to the cloud service for reporting, and can also be streamed to a local flow analysis tool for companies that have already invested in a tool.

FlowView was designed to be self sufficient, and does not require a span, tap port, or network devices capable of generating Flow records at the remote offices. At a total price of $499 (including one year of service, all hardware, training and customer support) FlowView is dramatically more cost effective than other flow-only solutions on the market and, quite simply, it can’t get any easier to use. Within the web user interface a single switch turns on flow analysis and the collection, streaming to the cloud through a secure, compressed SSL tunnel and in-line reporting with real time performance analytics is all done automatically.

Having issues with the performance from to or from remote offices? Well, you now have a tailor-made solution to finally answer “exactly what is going on at that remote office” in an easy, cost effective and universal package.

Sign up for a free demo, or learn more about FlowView here!

Yesterday, Apparent Networks released AppView Voice, the first of many application-specific remote performance management modules designed to complement and integrate with PathView Cloud.  AppView leverages the strengths of the existing PathView Cloud performance management platform by utilizing the zero-administration microAppliance to assess specific applications such as voice, video, web traffic and online data backup.

AppView offers performance monitoring and pre-assessment at the application level by creating and sending “real” application data through your network paths; effectively answering the question “How fast can this application function on my network?” Each module precisely models the behavior of the application on your network by protocol, port, packet size and packet spacing. Unlike PathView alone, AppView’s traffic is subject to higher level network configurations like traffic shaping, firewall rules, and QoS. AppView allows end users and managed services providers  to gain visibility and understanding of their networks with a level of precision not previously available.

One of the best parts of this announcement is that AppView Voice is free for all PathView Cloud customers between now and November 1st!  You will be able to use it on all paths between two sequencers when you log into your PathView Cloud account.

To learn more about the AppView modules, please visit and check out the Phone Plus Magazine coverage of AppView.

Apparent Networks has hit a major milestone – the 3,000th user of PathView Cloud, X10 Networks, has just signed on as the newest partner in the Powered by PathView Partner program!

X10 Networks specializes in delivering scalable, secure and reliable networking solutions to medium-to-large businesses. The company’s services include architecture, integration and support of network components and business applications. X10 Networks selected PathView Cloud to provide unique capabilities for monitoring, testing and troubleshooting network performance issues – even through third-party networks – to ensure the most effective delivery of next-generation applications and networking services for its customers.  

According to X10 Networks, prior to PathView Cloud, much of their time was spent manually troubleshooting, provisioning and fine tuning their customer networks.  With PathView Cloud, they are eliminating 60-70% of the time that they previously spent manually analyzing and investigating network performance issues. Additionally, PathView Cloud’s custom-branded dashboards and reports provide them with a competitive differentiation that allows them to demonstrate the value that they are bringing to their clients while maintaining brand integrity.

Since the launch of PathView Cloud in September 2009, 3,000 users have taken advantage of the easy download to manage their networks – and for many users, their customers’ networks. Apparent Networks has partnered with more than three dozen managed services providers and VARS since the debut of the Powered By PathView Program.

Read more about this partnership.

LinkStatus, an Apparent Networks customer and large managed services provider in the UK, provides continuous monitoring and testing of network performance so that its customers can focus on more important, business critical issues. The company specializes in assessing and reporting traffic type and volume; implementing services for deployment and management of optimization technologies; and hosting pre-deployment WAN assessments and simulations prior to full deployment.

But, despite a varied portfolio, Cliff Chapman, Application Delivery Architect at LinkStatus, was continually looking for ways to expand revenue by offering new services to the existing customer base and new potential customers. He hoped to broaden his portfolio of services without losing focus on LinkStatus’ core WAN performance and optimization services. He identified network performance monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting as a clear opportunity for expansion. His customers were already interested in getting the most out of their network through their purchase of WAN
optimization services and while these solutions enabled his clients to increase network performance, they were not able to identify and resolve the underlying issues that negatively impacted network performance to begin with….

Read more about how LinkStatus resolved these business challenges and generated new revenue?  

Learn more about how PathView Cloud helps managed services providers strengthen business by developing new, recurring revenue streams and adding services such as premium network management and monitoring.

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