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When talking to prospective PathView customers, a common question we receive is why we utilize a hardware microAppliance when most remote performance managment firms offer a pure software offering.  The move from a softw are sequencer to a hardware microAppliance for the PathView Remote Performance Management Service is to promote the highest quality service to our customers. An inherent problem with software agents in monitoring applications is that the performance of the hardware in which the application is installed will effect the results of the performance monitoring application.  In the case of PathView Cloud, any degradation in performance of the server hosting the sequencer will result in skewed results throughout the multi-hop network path being monitored.

The use of the hardware microAppliance allows PathView Cloud to be completely optimized for plug & play. The microAppliance is shipped with a static address and require less than five minutes to configure.  By utilizing the hardware microAppliance, we ensure a consistent quality of service for our customers, lower the need for support and troubleshooting, and allow for a short turn-around from time of sale to active performance monitoring.  Because the microAppliance is not part of the service price, any malfunctioning hardware is replaced free of charge.

Although the software sequencer is available for special circumstances, the microAppliance is recommended because of the ease and performance of the product. The choice to utilize the microAppliance does not increase the cost of PathView Cloud, but is instead offered as a value add, allowing for a zero-administration solution that is accessible from anywhere.

To learn more about the microAppliance’s specifications, please see the datasheet here.


This week, Apparent Networks was named one of the top 86 Hottest Boston Companies by corporate information and research firm Lead 411.  The list recognizes the fastest growing technology companies in the greater Boston area.

According to the press release, the criteria for selection included:
Companies within the Software, Wireless, Internet, or Media industry who must have less than $100M in yearly revenues, be a privately held organization, and be within Boston area. From there, each company must meet one or more of the following requirements;

  • 100% increase in revenues over the past 3 years; OR
  • Over $5M in funding in the past 2 years; OR
  • 2X traffic gains to their website in the past 12 months AND over 1M unique visitors a month.

In the past year Apparent Networks has expanded its Powered By PathView partnership program around the world with more than three dozen new partners signed on since February, 2010. During the past year, Apparent Networks has also been continually improving the capabilities of PathView Network Management Solutions which now provide custom-branded services for MSPs, expanded capabilities for VoIP assessments and support for the PathView microAppliance, a zero-administration devices that can be used as the source or target of PathView tests for remote network management.

Thank you Lead411 for recognizing the hard work of Apparent Networks and the other winning Boston companies.

Yesterday, June 1, the Apparent Networks Cloud Performance Center detected a loss of network connectivity at cloud services provider’s Newark, NJ data center. The Cloud Performance Advisory reports the outage occurred intermittently between 6:45pm and 8:39pm eastern time. The availability of cloud-based services was severely degraded and at times unavailable.

The Cloud Performance Center utilizes Apparent Networks’ PathView Cloud service to test the performance of cloud service providers.  PathView Cloud software was configured to sample path performance to a series of pre-determined targets hosted at’s Newark, N.J. data center every 60 seconds.

According to’s operations Twitter feed, the company acknowledged the connectivity loss was due to Cisco 6509 switch failures in both a primary and backup switches.  The cause of the failure was traced to a software bug in the switches.

For more information, view the full Apparent Networks Performance Advisory and additional data documenting the outage here.

Read the media advisory here.

To check out the ongoing monitoring of cloud services providers such as, Amazon and GoGrid, visit the Apparent Networks Cloud Performance Center. 
Apparent Networks Cloud Performance Center

Apparent Networks recently conducted a survey of network managers and service providers to better understand the state of outsourcing cloud services and working with cloud services providers.

The results show that while only about 20% of respondents are currently outsourcing IT processes to cloud services providers, the interest and use of cloud based services is growing. In particular, web services and CRM are the top services that have been handed over the cloud service providers.

75% of the survey respondents who are currently using cloud based services have not deployed management tools to measure end-user response time provided by cloud service providers.  At the same time, respondents cited “performance of cloud services” as a significant challenge….

This is only some of the interesting data from the State of Cloud Services report. Read more here.

Whether you are managing a network in a physical or virtual environment, there are always lingering network problems…the ones you hear complaints about all week long, but you can’t quite find or completely fix.

Well, we want to help. Apparent Networks has created the FREE PathView Fix It Now program to give you a quick and easy way to locate the issue, analyze it and resolve it – all within a couple of hours.

Fix it Now is a limited-time program that includes a free 30-day PathView download and an individual consulting session with one of our network experts who will work with until your problem is solved…at no charge and with no catch. We promise!

Many of current customers have taken advantage of the Fix It Now program and have successfully used PathView to troubleshoot their toughest networking problems. Over the next few weeks we will share successful Fix It Now customer profiles that feature ways other network managers have solved their networking issues quickly. We hope you will check it out and let us know how we can help you!


We all remember the adventures of The Man of Steel and The Caped Crusader, and their tales of extraordinary power, super speed, and clever fixes to the world’s problems.  We once relished the far-fetched comic strip stories and TV shows, only to realize that once we grew up to be network engineers these same super-human skills would be expected of us. 

PathView is an enterprise – level technology that has been scaled down to an easy- to- use solution and quick download, necessary in every network engineer’s toolkit for managing and improving network performance. Apparent Networks wants to help provide the critical skills of troubleshooting poor WAN performance, continuous monitoring of your carrier service, and targeted assessments for VoIP so that you can answer the call of duty.  PathView will allow you to test and troubleshoot 70% faster (than a speeding bullet!)  and respond quickly and effectively when the network goes down or the problems aren’t easy to see.   

Become a Network Hero
Become a Network Hero

We are not alone. Last week at Cisco Live, we ran into several other Superheroes. For example, Cisco has recently launched a new marketing campaign called The Realm, acknowledging a new digital era in which engineers require a stronger security force to defeat the bad guys.

It sounds to us like network engineers are starting to get the credit they deserve – and are discovering the tools available to help them become true network heroes.

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