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As a managed services provider (MSP), your clients look to you to keep their business services up and running. With the advent of cloud computing, SaaS, virtual desktops, VoIP, IP-based storage and other trends, more and more of those business-critical services depend on the performance of IP-based networks.

MSPs face new service delivery challenges, including:

  • Old-school, break-fix approaches to network management aren’t good enough anymore. MSPs need a way to proactively address network issues.
  • When IP-based services crash and ISPs, telcos and other providers start pointing fingers, how can MSPs know what is and isn’t their responsibility?
  • How to monitor and meet meaningful service levels that reflect client user experience?

SNMP-based tools can tell you about the condition of individual network devices you own. But what’s much more critical to network health is a “packet’s eye” view of the flow inside the network bloodstream.

And what about all the networks you don’t own, but have a huge impact on the quality of service your client users perceive? Not even the priciest network instrumentation (e.g., traditional netflow analysis solutions) can help you there

AppNeta’s PathView Cloud service enables MSPs to proactively manage network performance end-to-end between their data centers and service consumers. With PathView Cloud, MSPs can strongly differentiate themselves from competitors around issues of IP-based network and application availability – and also cut back on truck rolls and on-site visits.

AppNeta’s PathView Cloud service and free, zero-administration microAppliance, offers an easy-to-deploy, cost-effective remote monitoring and management service

  • Proactively monitor the performance of any network against customizable performance levels – from any location
  • Continuously measure key performance metrics (bandwidth, packet loss, jitter and latency)
  • Conduct pre and post deployment assessments for customers, to ensure the successful rollout of network performance sensitive applications like VoIP and Unified Communications (UC)
  • Receive e-mail notifications when your service levels are not met

With PathView Cloud MSPs can quickly and effectively solve real-world problems their customers encounter everyday.  AppNeta’s MSP partners attest to  rapid identification and resolution of even long-standing network problems. For example, PathView Cloud enables service providers to detect network bottlenecks so faulty equipment can be replaced, and also helps to determine whether ISP and telecom providers are providing contracted levels of bandwidth.

To learn how more about PathView Cloud and how to build a managed service around the remote network performance service, visit AppNeta or sign up for a free demo.


I speak with IT Outsourcers and Managed Service Providers every day, and I am always amazed at how busy they are, but I’m realizing that I shouldn’t be. According to AMR Research, 80% of companies are increasing or maintaining their current level of IT outsourcing in the current year. IT Outsourcing doesn’t just mean organizations shipping their coding jobs to India; it is having an outside firm set-up their hosted Exchange server, VoIP system and any other critical business application for them. Additionally,  IT staff that were let go during the economic downturn are not getting re-hired, rather  IT outsourcers are filling these roles and delivering hosted and cloud based services.

Despite a lot of enthusiasm about PathView Cloud’s capabilities, I’ve noticed there are common delays in testing and deploying PathView Cloud — simply because they are too busy. Not only are many of them running their own business, they are testing, deploying and managing the IT resources for a numerous end users concurrently, and finding time to do anything else is a challenge.

In order to make IT Outsourcers job a bit easier, and certainly more efficient, we recently added the Enterprise Integration capability to the PathView Cloud service. Realizing that our service is “only as valuable as it is visible” led us to address this customer need.

Enterprise Integration allows us to synchronize PathView Cloud alerts to any SNMP tool and is the cornerstone for recently announced N-Able integration.  By providing our MIB, the enterprise integration opens PathView’s alert data to any application that can poll this data.

Remote Monitoring and Management systems such as N-Able provide a centralized view of the health and status of server and network hardware as well as a number of critical applications. These systems are designed from the ground up to give MSPs a view across all of their customer locations so they can identify and investigate issues occurring at remote offices. PathView Cloud’s real time insight into remote location performance fills a gap in the information available to the IT Outsourcer. Enabling the complete picture from the console of one tool eliminates the necessity to review another tool with another workflow, greatly increasing the efficiency of the engineer and the ease of deploying an additional solution.

With the integration, all alert information from PathView Cloud is now available in the RMM central pane of glass, with a direct link back into the web based user interface of PathView Cloud for deeper investigation.

Use N-able or looking for an RMM Tool?  Read more about the integration here, or Contact us at!

Apparent Networks partners with N-able Technologies

It was a pleasure to attend the N-able Partner Summit held last week in Scottsdale, Arizona where we met up with our newest technology partner and N-able customers looking for value added solutions for their IT service businesses.

It was great to hear what was going on with MSPs today and some of the challenges they are facing. Top concerns amongst the MSPs we talked to included troubleshooting network problems remotely, getting blamed by customers for performance problems out of their control and an inability to look at network specific application performance, primarily for UC deployments of voice and video.  While they have a great platform for remote monitoring and management, they can’t always see into their customers’ networks and this leads to costly truck rolls and on-site troubleshooting.
There were some great fellow MSP solution providers in attendance including: Autotask, Connectwise, Tigerpaw, Intronis, Iron Mountain and Axcient as well as many managed service providers who were very excited about the plethora new technology solutions.

Last week we also announced the new Apparent Networks technology alliance with N-able. Together, we are bringing our MSP partners an integrated solution for comprehensive remote monitoring and management solution for MSP businesses.  With both of our development teams working hard to add significant value in terms of monitoring, managing and understanding performance sensitive applications such as VoIP, Video, IP Storage and virtualization.

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