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Last week I headed out to Las Vegas to join CRN at the Everything Channel Xchange Tech Innovators Conference. This was a typical trip that involved the usual nonsense of Las Vegas, but the highlight for me was CRN awarding Apparent Networks with the Tech Innovator of the Year Award from CRN in the category of “Managed Services.”

Jim Melvin accepts Tech Innovator of the Year Award at CRN

This was a great event and it was fun to be included at the awards reception with industry leaders such as Cisco, HP, and Lenovo as well as up and coming stars such as Fortinet, Eaton, and Zimbra.

The award recognized how PathView is quickly becoming the leader of Remote Performance Management service for use by service delivery firms and enterprise accounts like.  What is unique about this offer is that it packs an incredible punch of value, in an easy – to – use package that is scalable and affordable. The cloud-based service is so easy to deploy and maintain that hundreds of network managers and managed service providers are using this technology daily to assure consistent delivery of cloud services and other performance sensitive applications.

Interested in checking out the award winning PathView Remote Performance Management suite of services?  Visit us here.


According to Gartner, 95 percent of surveyed organizations plan to increase or maintain SaaS deployments, stating that cost savings are the biggest benefit for the appeal SaaS products. Unlike traditional applications that require a lump-sum investment and time to deploy into the business environment, SaaS offerings are broken into a subscription basis, favouring use by smaller businesses who may be without enough capital for a large organization wide purchase.  Pricing also tends to scale with the size of the subscription purchased, or the size of the organization itself, resulting in cost savings from a ‘pay for what you need’ sales model. There are benefits for the organization hosting the SaaS offering as well.  The recurring subscription fee allows for a predictable revenue stream, month to month.

SaaS products are not synonymous with Cloud products, many SaaS applications are offered in packages that can be deployed and hosted on a company’s internal network.  The PathView Cloud and PathView Premise options at Apparent Networks are one example of this.  However, with either option the SaaS Company will manage the product and provide centralized updates and support for the application.

Apparent Networks uses a SaaS model in order to provide ongoing updates to the entire customer base, provide on going sales and technical training, as well as provide continual customer support.  The bottom line is that a SaaS business involves a significant customer vendor relationship that a traditional lump sum purchase business does not. For software vendors and their resellers, as well as for resellers and their end user customers, this relationship is extremely beneficial for continual quality of service and business practices.

Earlier this week, our Cloud Performance Center (CPC) detected a connectivity loss that occurred at Amazon’s EC2 data center in northern Virginia. The CPC is powered by our PathView Cloud tool, which monitors network path performance into and out of the key datacenters of several major cloud service providers across the U.S. As part of the free CPC service, we issued a Performance Advisory later that same day, informing cloud service consumers and other interested parties about the location, nature and duration of the problem. 

The point of this whole exercise is not some kind of ‘gotcha’ network management. In fact, Amazon and the other providers we monitor do a great job of providing reliable services. The point is that when the Internet is involved, stuff happens.

If your company is one of the many that has already moved critical applications into the Cloud, you need to know about that “stuff’ quickly and whether or not it’s affecting your operations.  You need to know what is going on not only at your provider’s datacenter, but more importantly, between your Cloud provider and your customers and employees. 

To gain that critical insight, you need the network-path perspective.  That’s what our PathView Cloud tool and our CPC resources deliver. 

Cloud computing is a great technological advancement that has already delivered lots of value.  But we’re only scratching the surface of what the cloud approach can do for us.  For cloud computing to live up to all the hype, we all need a greater understanding and awareness of the network paths that go to, through and from the cloud. 

Apparent Networks is already there!

If you work in enterprise IT, there’s a good chance you’re heading down the road to outsourcing some of your key applications to a cloud service provider. While considering your options, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, make sure that you know what you’ll need from the cloud provider. All the major providers offer a growing list of service options. Stay focus on your ‘must-haves’ and on the service levels your provider will commit to for them.

It is equally important for you to understand how those services will work where you’ll actually be using them. That means not just inside the cloud provider’s ultra-modern, over-provisioned data centers, but past their firewall all the way out to your company’s key locations. This includes geographies where most of your customers are and where you have office locations.

In a way, it’s similar to buying a car. That Ferrari Testarossa in the dealer’s showroom sure is an awesome machine. But if you’re always going to use it to get to your mountain cabin at the end of a logging road, you’ll be much better off making a different choice.

Therein lies the key question: How will it work for my particular purposes in my specific locations. Up until today, it was very difficult to get specific metrics on cloud service provider performance over distributed networks, and it was impossible to get such measurements for the specific destinations that matter to you.

But today, Apparent Networks has changed the status quo with the launch of our Cloud Performance Center. With the new free service, we’re delivering cloud service provider performance information in context – where the context is your business.

The Cloud Performance Center (CPC) is truly a first-of-its-kind service. CPC visitors get instant access to real-time and historical data on how well – or how poorly – leading cloud services providers Like Amazon, Google GoGrid perform not only inside their firewalls, but all the way out to your end points – where the rubber meets the road. As part of the CPC, we’re also providing reports and advisories on topical issues that can impact users’ abilities to interact with the Internet and cloud service providers. Learn more by reading the press release.

There’s nothing like driving a Ferrari – but not if you wind up in a ditch every day. The same goes for cloud-based services. They can be great if you pick the right vendor with the best service delivery in the areas that matter to you and your business.

Our new Cloud Performance Center will give you the information you need to make the best choice – and move fast and safely on the network roads that drive your business.

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