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Remote Monitoring Management vs Remote Performance Management

Posted on: August 30, 2010

One of the big questions that we hear all the time is “how do you differentiate from other remote monitoring tools?” And, with an ever-changing IT environment and many solutions on the market, we understand why this is such an important question to answer.  As well as the more important question to answer – why should you care?

Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) products allow for the deployment of applications off premise.  This is crucial to maintain stability at the workstations.  Though, when it comes to network performance, an RMM tool has limited resources.  A well positioned tool is only able to capture limited SNMP statistics.  SO at the end of the day, the questions still remains, how is my network performing?

In the Apparent Networks office here in Boston, we’re always buzzing about Remote Performance Management (RPM) – what we think is a critical component of network monitoring. Traditional Remote Monitoring Management tools focus on making sure your managed services stay up and running, but lose their edge when it comes to pinpointing the cause of performance degradation, where RPM really shines.

The PathView Cloud Remote Performance Management solution uniquely creates and sends packets to any specified IP-addressable end-point, proactively experiencing the performance of the entire network path – every minute!   By framing the network in its entirety rather than pin-pointing “data collection points” the problems of the aforementioned methods can be avoided. With such a tool the business sensitive health and performance of the network can genuinely be gauged.

So why should YOU care? Whether you are managed service provider or you are managing an internal IT dept. RPM must be part of your toolkit. RPM provides you with a tool that not only quickly pre-assesses networks to reveal potential problems before deployment, it also provides continuous monitoring to determine the source of performance issues and enables you to fix them – to lessen the impact on end users.

Click here to learn more about the PathView RPM approach to network monitoring.


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